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Salba Smart Organic, Chia,  Whole Seed, 16-Ounce

Salba Smart Organic, Chia, Whole Seed, 16-Ounce

Salba Smart Organic, Chia, Whole Seed, 16-Ounce

Salba Smart Organic, Chia,  Whole Seed, 16-Ounce Rating:
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Product Description

Chefs enjoy this product for its neutral taste and nutritional value.


  • Certified Organic; High in Omega-3 (ALA), protien, antioxidents and other essential nutrients; Gluten -Freel; Sugar-Free; No Trans Fats; Non GMO Project Verfied
  • Salba (salvia hispanica L.)

Salba Smart Organic, Chia, Whole Seed, 16-Ounce 4.6 out of 5 based on 45 ratings. 45 user reviews
Canned & Jarred Cooking and Baking Nuts and Seeds Salba Smart Organic, Chia, Whole Seed, 16-Ounce Chefs enjoy this product for its neutral taste and nutritional value. $16.95 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51Oc8kJtlJL._SL160_.jpg
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  1. At first when I began utilizing chia seeds on a regular basis, people shared to me “chia seeds are chia seeds … why do you have to get a brand?” I did buy mass seeds in my natural food establishment … I did purchase bags at Trader Joe’s … and I still returned to my organicSalba Seeds and discover they function the best for me. Right here’s exactly what I finish with them. I take 1 cup of almond milk (or soy, rice or simple aged milk if you wish) and add a couple of soaked days (which I left in a pot of water which had actually boiled however transformed flame off). PItted thedates, threw them (about 4 huge ones) into my Vitamix (you could use a blender) and let them blend up until completely mixed. While blender is running, include 1/2 cup of chia seeds (My natural Salba seeds) and a couple of tsp of cacao powder and split second coffee (if you likethat taste). Let the blender or food processor or Vitamix run until every little thing has actually enlarged. That’s it. Pour in to a container. Refrigerate. What have you made? Chia seed dessert. Sugar cost-free, great deals of fiber, a perfect breakfast. Some folks make use of a banana instead of days, others leave off the chocolate and coffee powder. IT’s a mater of preference and any kind of wonderful fruit functions as an alternative sweetener. If you consume very reduced carb, even an artificial sweetener will work rather than fruit … with or without cocoa/coffee. SO why Salba seeds and not just any type of chia seeds? Since this recipe I’m sharing, which I have actually attempted with various other chia seeds doesn’t appear to work as well or preference also. Perhaps it’s my creative imagination, yet these seeds appear to be regularly tidy, fresh and a blenderor mixer like a Vitamix will crush them in to a pudding completely in much less than a min. Merely a large supporter of this product. I keep acquiring numerous containers at a time. I like that it’s natural. And I think any kind of business that focuses on placing their seeds in a jar and branding them most likely has greater standards compared to chia seeds offered wholesale in bins … where I’mafraid bugs and gunk could have collected … I constantly have my high fiber chia seed dessert prepared for breakfast and even when I utilize the last of my dessert up, it’s only mins to make an additional batch.

  2. This is my second order of this product; it’s much more beneficial compared to exactly what I could get in my local store as it’s simpler to assign the amount of I want on a daily basis than handling the bag, and the seeds don’t cling to a ziplock like they finish with the bag. It takes a while to resolve a container this huge yet there was no putridity on the very first container and I’m about 1/3 of hte method with this 2nd bottle now.

  3. These Chia seeds are excellent when u contribute to oatmeal or merely simple water. They increase and really pack u up and keep appetite discomforts away. I truly such as this product and will certainly purchase once more.

  4. Salba seeds are a wonderful source of Omega 3’s and are exceptional for intestinal wellness. Our whole family members utilizes them. Also the children take them. They’ve helped the, “My tummy injures” syndrome of one of our young sons.

  5. Excellent product that you can sprinkle into a lot of meals to appreciate the terrific health advantages. What is so wonderful regarding Chia is that it is primarily unsavory and assimilate well with healthy smoothies and other beverages.

  6. This is a fantastic product for anybody needing additional fiber in their diet plan. Included in Greek natural yogurt, combined in peanut butter, etc. it offers all the benefits you require and you can adjust the volume to match your nutritional requirements.

  7. After seeing this brand-new tag, I called the company which makes this and they said it was just a graphic adjustment. Same Salba seed. I seen Amazon is no more offering this (see disclaimer on product page). I assume folks are going haywire because of the new, butt-ugly tag. Uncertain if this is why, however I can not visualize it being anything else.

  8. Started making use of Mila Chia Seeds, yet swiftly got wheelsed of the hefty cost. After a little bit of research, I chose to try the Nutiva Chia Seeds, which didn’t appear to have any sort of influence on my physical body. They also had these small black “seeds” in them that were stone hard, so I was shut off totally. Next, I determined to go with Salba, which appeared quite promising, and had a much more affordable price compared to the Mila. Now, I could not identify which are better nutritionally, other than the nutrition facts, but these seem to be working equally as well, otherwise much better compared to the Mila. These certainly wake me up in the early morning, and they are wonderful for your metabolism. I’m still attempting to figure out if I ‘d be much better off grinding them up, as there are lots of blended reviews online concerning the subject, but the whole seeds appear to be doing specifically just what they are expected to. I’ve only been utilizing for regarding a week, so I’ll make sure to upgrade if my consciousness adjustments, but these have been just positive for me up until now.

  9. Excellent for frying|accentuates meals all-natural flavor. French fries cleaner|doesn’t smoke or burn as quickly as olive and other oils. Perfect for higher warmth food preparation around 350 levels. When the oil is initially added to the pan I can extremely a little smell a light odor of coconut, however that disappears, and I don’t taste the oil in the food. Coconut oil sustains healthiness and electricity. This item from Carrington Farms is raw|natural cocnut oil. It’s cold pressed|indicating it’s pressed and bottled in it’s original state so it maintains all it’s original content|nutrients|flavor and color. This organic coconut oil doesn’t have Trans and Hydrogenated Fats|it’s gluten and Chemical free of cost. And the container is Hexane and BPA complimentary. This is a fantastic replacement for all other cooking tools|oils|butter|fatty tissue. Doesn’t require chilled if kept in an amazing completely dry location. It will liquify at approx 75 degrees but the nourishment homes stay the very same in either strong or liquid form. Plus|it’s Superb for an organic moisturizer for skin and hair.(located this just recently at Costco)

  10. My everyday glucose numbers have actually most definitely decreased considering that I started taking a tbsp of chia seeds everyday with a 16 oz. bottle of water.

  11. Just how does one price Salba Seed after using it a week? When the jar is vacant, with any luck, I can say it was outstanding.

  12. Wonderful item however expense is higher Was what I wanted and is quite easy to take Pure with no unneeded substances.

  13. Product got to me extremely rapid and it is excellent! First class chia seeds and an excellent rate also!

  14. I am a diabetic. Some posts pointed out salba benefits diabetic. After trying, I have no feeling better for my blood sugar level. Nevertheless, the taste is fine.

  15. Great stuff! Merely make certain not to take excessive if you are prone to blood clots. I believe I review somewhere it thickens the blood, then I had an issue with that said. I picked up some time, however feel A Lot better when I’m on it, that I’ve begun once more, merely in tiny dosages, intermittent day. I have a lot electricity and feel so much far better when I take it. Place it in early morning health and wellness healthy smoothie.


    I with one to 2 tbsps in my oat meal every morning. It expands the oat meal and offers me added nutrients.

  17. I bought these seeds because of the additional fiber and I normally blend them with my morning shakes and you can not even inform that the seeds are part of the shake. Really healthy and tasty.

  18. I like my Salba seeds. I placed them in my early morning smoothie and slip them into all sort of meals I cook/bake.

  19. I’m uncertain just how I am profiting from this product, yet … but details on TV regarding the perks of Chia tells me I need to give it a try! Usage it on mixed greens and even my morning bacon littles, egg and cheese sandwich.

  20. The distribution was very quick. I started taking the seeds with my favorite. now I’m addressing them with fruit juiceI felt the adjustment, less hungry, intend to seemore outcomes when finished the jar. My spouse is also attempting this product.

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