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Why Organic Food Is Great: Bowel Movings

Why Organic Food Is Great: Bowel Movings

Organic Food is extremely great! I speak about it on a street with a good guy in Hollywood! Flula Facebook Like It! / / http://www.facebook.com/flulaborg Flula Twi …
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  1. celticsaldirganlik

    Germans and poop.

  2. 0:44 ganstaaaazz

  3. the only reason that black dude wants to go to germany is cuz he has the
    hitler stach going on…..

  4. @Alf90100 Very true, which is why eating seasonally is important too. We’ve
    gotten used to the notion that any and all foods will be available to us at
    all times of the year. I try to can and preserve as much of my own produce
    as possible, so it can get me through the winter. I do wonder, where do you
    get your 90% fact in terms of transport vs. production?

  5. @NoAssCantPass social reject.

  6. @ScourgeOfHumanity101 Wow dude, way to go, you win. Clearly I meant carbon.
    I’m pretty sure you get my point, so you wanna out-nerd me by calling me
    out on chemistry trivia…go nuts.

  7. @burnzy3210 Hitlahstash

  8. @DowJones19 I think it’s spray-on hair

  9. ScourgeOfHumanity101

    @noodles91380 You clearly don’t know anything about chemistry

  10. @NoAssCantPass it’s implied you illiterate internet social reject

  11. t take doodypoo once a day

  12. @BravoAlphaSix he said maybe a cock in the anus 😀

  13. i love the guy standing casually with a snake in the background

  14. Life Is Better When You Relax

    I know, right? Too many tight-assed people in the world, if you ask me.
    Y’all need to lighten up. Erleichda! 🙂

  15. Flula wins at life.

  16. Sorry, but this fucking guy… he’s an idiot ( the black guy, not the
    German )

  17. Abigail Grindstaff

    why he have problem with poop?

  18. failed attempt at changing the subject at 0:58

  19. @Alf90100 And again, all you need to do is pluck a homegrown tomato and eat
    it to know. I’m not making the organic/conventional argument with
    this…I’m making the fresh vs shipped argument. NOTHING beats fresh in
    terms of taste, it’s like night and day. And it is factual that a tomato
    that is plucked when it is green, then shipped in a truck and sprayed with
    ethylene to ripen it will lose a substantial amount of its flavor.

  20. wtf was he trying to cut his head off with his hand or suttin!?!?

  21. What’s wrong with saying Number 2?

  22. Black hitler!!!! Lol

  23. @stompafly you’re obviously funny. jk no

  24. 0:07 what’s up with the naked guy in the hat?

  25. ScourgeOfHumanity101

    @noodles91380 I believe it’s chemical compounds that contain hydrogen and
    carbon, not hydrogen and oxygen. So no you don’t understand

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