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Why is organic food more expensive?

Why is organic food more expensive?

Uncover out the basic causes why USDA certified organic meals is much more pricey. Kimberlie Cole Livestock Farmer: West Wind Farms | http://www.grassorganic.com/…
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  1. Go the free fertilizer.INC Just Google it THANK YOU

  2. People with thr money always 1st

  3. And the ones without are just left out

  4. @TheJoman40 Thanks for the info, I’ve been dealing with that very problem
    for a long while now, much appreciated!

  5. You get what you pay for.

  6. Blame the middle men..Not the farmers. I am a certified organic
    farmer/rancher who is subject to all of the increased costs. However I
    believe that there is far too much price gouging taking place in the market
    due to all of the middle men. We sell our grass finished beef to our local
    grocery store at the same rate that they can buy it from IBP. Consumers
    will be able to buy it for about the same price as the IBP garbage because
    we are eliminating four or five middle men…….Buy Local

  7. apparently magnetic vortex water has been shown to boost the growth of
    plants – perhaps organic farmers could use this for better crops?

  8. You hippies need to grow up and realize that not everyone has upper middle
    class white parents to pay for all this shit.

  9. So does this mean that Organic Food results in higher CO2 emissions given
    that the yields are lower?

  10. na mayte

  11. Awesome video Michael. For me it is worth it to pay extra for food that is
    not irradiated, doesn’t contain toxic chemicals that are designed to kill
    pests (that came out of WWII’s left over chemical warfare, think agent
    orange and gas chambers) and wreak havoc on the human system, don’t contain
    hormones or excessive amounts of antibiotics. And organic foods just simply
    taste better and are higher quality, which is why they are a secret
    ingredient amongst top chefs around the world!

  12. @Obamain2012 If that happens, a lot of people will die. Organic food is not
    as effective and Genetically altered food. There will be a lot less food
    for everyone.

  13. @shinokiba Hemp grain has been used throughout history as an abundant and
    nutritional food source. Hemp grain produces two distinct food products:
    oil and flour. The oil is made into salad dressings, soups, butter, and
    cheese. The flour can be used as a complement to wheat or corn flour to
    make breads, pancakes, pizza dough, cookies, and many other foods. You can
    most definitely grow organic without chemicals. you think chemicals were
    involved a 100 years ago?

  14. lol that sounds like superficial green activist crap to me. nobody has the
    time the size of yard and the upkeep cost to do any of that stuff. sounds
    good but that’s where it ends.

  15. Thank you this video. You explain the topic well. This will help me more
    clearly explain to my customers why the organic food I produce costs more
    for them than conventional foods they buy in the grocery store. Hannah at

  16. people save time buying food instead of producing it themselves. if you buy
    conventional “food”, its not just food. check the ingredients. 🙂

  17. Organic food an only feed 4 billion people, and it is worse for the
    environment. It takes more land to grow organic foods, that means more
    trees will have to be cut down.

  18. @emberglance – Thank you for the kind words! I aimed to just deliver the
    facts. Conventional agriculture is pretty much a free market and the USDA
    does not inspect conventional farms.

  19. Where are the local meat folks in Texas? I would love to know!

  20. Let’s call it what it is,a racket.The idea that there is a legitimate long
    term reason “organic” methods of farming should cost substantially more is
    apologist BS for bad bureaucracy and thieving corporate interests.Of course
    if you simply convert to organic methods of farming without accounting for
    all the inputs,it’ll be more labor intensive and yield less.That’s a straw
    man’s argument.Properly balanced permaculture farming methods yield the
    same OR MORE.Unnatural trumps Mother Nature? NEVER!!

  21. wrong on the activist point son. try to feed your family a meal of $20
    salads made of organics. where i work bell peppers are $4 each, tomatoes
    are $5/lb, and heirlooms are $7. kale and mixed greens are 5 bucks a
    serving. you got that kind of money?

  22. I’m really disappointed that the video did not explain that the orgasnic
    foods have a much more nutrient dense product – more vitamins and minerals
    and a LOT more taste!

  23. Peace & Blessings . U r not telling the truth because the gov’t says u use
    stronger more dangerous chemicals than synthetics ! I’m not wasting my $ on
    this fd if it isnot healthier & is more detrimental 2 my fam & me than
    synthetics. I know they can use nature in farming . A lady i know calls it
    country farming . I 4 got what she uses . I’ll ask her . Some ppl use
    worms(4 the soil prep) , Praying Mantis 2 eat insects that dine on plants ,
    etc . This is true ecological farming . Spices may help

  24. @ifeelforgaza Well i was referring to the CO2 emissions from the energy
    used to farm the food (is this more or less than the CO2 absorbed by the
    food? I don’t know)

  25. Виталий Вертай

    love organic

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