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What A Vegan Eats: Organic Meals from Trader Joes

What A Vegan Eats: Organic Meals from Trader Joes

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  1. Yes! I just tried that a few weeks ago – very good!

  2. delicious!!! I love TJ’s for its awesome price and selection of food. But I
    totally agree with you on plastic.. Most of their produce comes in plastic.
    I know that it will change eventually!

  3. Trader Joe’s coconut milk is so creamy and yummy. I take it easy on it but
    its sooooo good.

  4. P2: However health wise some plastic is not good to store food in as the
    food tends to soak up the plastic and then you eat it. I think 3, 6 and 7
    are toxic so check the little triangle on the plastic is not 3, 6 or 7! In
    addition, it’s best to get organic food that has not had organic pesticides
    on, which means local. Plus local also means fresher, with more life force
    which is better for you. I dought trader joes is safe from pesticides and
    the bags will be sprayed with crap.

  5. I’ve been trying to get my parents to eat better too. My dad is diabetic &
    my mom has some health issues as well. I want to show them some
    documentaries, and possibly that would convince them. I buy them some
    organic food items every now and then too 🙂 (they’re always concerned
    about the price). It’s hard to convince them. I especially want my dad to
    lay off so much meat. I know he would feel better if he did. It’s just a
    process I guess. Have you shown your folks any documentaries?

  6. no i get excited too!! some girls like malls i like grocery stores 😀

  7. What A Vegan Eats

    haha, that bag was my sister’s – I shopped with reusable bags, as always : )

  8. I’m going to TJ’s for the first time next week and I’m so excited! 😀

  9. that fridge is awesome!

  10. I love TJ’s I buy 90% of my food there. You kept mentioning plastic,but I
    noticed a paper bag with TJ”s name on it. Why aren’t you using their
    reusable bags for your groceries. I keep TJ’s Whole Fds and my local Co-ops
    bags in my car all the time so I don’t forget them. That Chocolate is
    AWEsome. You people who like dark choc.should try it. YUM I got some good
    ideas from what you bought, I’ll look for some of those things. Thanks )

  11. Southern Purple Veg

    As for “ice cream” alternative’s for coconut ice cream there’s another
    brand from Texas called NadaMoo. There Fair Trade certificated, Gluten Free
    certificated, USDA Organic, and 5 of there flavor’s are soy free.

  12. Wish we had one here in the UK 🙁

  13. I am craving for that ice cream alternative *sigh* …

  14. Haha, I try to get my parents to eat healthier. My mom is receptive, but my
    dad just looks at me like I’m weird when I try to get him to try new
    things. The only things he will eat are the Vegan chocolate chip cookies
    and peanut butter fudge from Whole Foods. Haha. Which isn’t really the

  15. ElectricMayhem87

    You can always reuse the plastic bags as pick-up bags for your
    dog’s….business. Better reused than just thrown away, I think (those
    plastic bags they deliver newspapers in are also good for that). And I love
    Trader Joe’s! Great stuff, and you can pay the same amount for twice the
    groceries you could at Whole Check (er, Whole Foods).

  16. Trader Joe’s has so much awesome vegan food! The strawberry coconut milk
    ice cream is amazing. If you ever feel like being naughty, they make vegan
    orange chicken-free “chicken” that you can find in the frozen section. It’s
    not healthy, but it’s vegan and delicious! They also have a wickedly good
    vegan japanese fried rice too. I love that they use a “V” symbol on most of
    their vegan food (though I’ve found veggie stuff without it). It greatly
    shortens my ingredient reading time.

  17. My parents think I’m weird too. They don’t feel right unless they’ve added
    cheese or butter to any delicious vegan food I make for them.

  18. I have a random shallow question, is it true that veganism helps with

  19. TheaDragonSpirit

    P1: I don’t worry about plastic anymore. Well not because of the enviroment
    anyways. They have found a new mushroom that eats plastic. You can do a
    quick Google search on plastic eating mushroom. The great thing is if you
    get cultures and put them deep down in the ground they still grow meaning
    there perfect for rubbish dumps. It’s really great news.

  20. Just tried the organic brown rice pasta the other day, loved it! I buy most
    of my groceries from Trader Joe’s, I could spend hours in that store. 🙂
    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who gets excited over grocery

  21. Loreana La Civita

    My dad told me that putting canned food in the fridge causes some sort of
    chemical reaction that’s really bad??

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