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The organic food scam

The organic food scam

To learn more watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3CoIqpyPYY.

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  1. nature is GOD Mr. robot…..!!!

  2. So bogus and biased! Thumbs up are Monsantaoists and folks not aware if
    organic’s benefits. Notice how it emphasizes marketers? Why the robot
    voice? Why not show a presenter’s face acting naturally, show different
    pics of products, arguments on soil science, show charts, etc? 

  3. i was almost going to ignore this video; but then i smelled conformation
    bias, now this video has 67 up thumbs.

  4. Yep sounds like Monsanto propaganda, the reason “Organic” is so expensive
    is because of all the money the government charges you, to allow you to be
    able to sell it.

  5. RealEstateInsider247

    This must be a really bad joke. This has to be one of the least convincing
    arguments I’ve ever heard. Please … show a good looking girl shopping and
    then have a computer voice sell you on why NOT to eat naturally. Are you
    kidding me?

  6. The girl is hot

  7. This is not entirely correct in the terms of the home organic
    gardener….do the taste test! Also, soil microbial content plays a role in
    plant health, disturbing the structure by tillage destroys the home of
    beneficial microbes. Several states have banned tillage because of the dust
    bowl effect too. Ref: documentary “dirt”; permaculture; agraforestry

  8. Geoff Lawton is an expert at “agraforestry” ( food foresting, no till
    organic kitchen garden). The art of No till garden beds increased output
    and soil nutrients as well.

  9. lies, lies and more lies!

  10. “Nutrition and physical degeneration”- Weston a Price. Very interesting
    point of observation, it is indeed!

  11. extensive observations of isolated traditional cultures ( in the past 100
    years) many of these isolated people’s have virtually no cases of cavities’
    no crooked teeth (full developed jaw bone structure) , their psychological
    states were very stabile. wider faces on avg and wider birthing canals….
    These Documentated Observations were conducted on the last remaining “fully
    isolated” villages ~ 1930s. The expansion of roads brought western culture
    and foods…. physical problems begin after

  12. Increases nutrient content with age, like a fine wine…

  13. Nope, this is REALLY the MOST RIDICULOUS video I’ve ever experience. -_-

  14. Yeah look up images of what GMOs do to us, animals, and the rest of nature
    as we already destroy nature and how the bees are dying and we wouldn’t
    last 4 years without them (so they make robots to pollinate like that would
    be the only thing). Brazil has found a way to make farming/gardening much
    faster on a natural level. Cool story bro. 😛 Zen. Namaste.

  15. Open your eyes, just……..Go fuck your self then!!!!!

  16. this is a bunch of bullshit. 1.pesticides cause health problems 2.health
    problems cause you to go to the doctor more often 3.the government and
    businesses make more money if you EAT REGULAR/PESTICIDE RIDDEN FOODS.
    ORGANIC FOODS have solid proof! this is bullshit

  17. organic meat is a scam dude. and it tastes like shit

  18. I feel sorry for you

  19. You don’t have a Trader Joe’s or local produce store nearby?

  20. theres a spike in ADHD because we eat a diet low in fat. ADD and ADHD cured

  21. There’s a “spike” in ADHD and Autism because it is being more widely
    diagnosed, or even MIS-diagnosed. It has nothing to do with our food

  22. daisy8luke and dsndicmsa ignore @holes like them, their either Monsanto
    employees or payed to discredit people!

  23. Gee, or maybe it should be the law to label GMOs then we wouldn’t have to
    pay so much for organics.

  24. you need to stop believing every nut case you see on the internet. Most of
    them are insane and dumb as rocks

  25. Environmentally friendly are more likely organic. Or are you on Monsantos

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