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The Doctors on Organic Food

The Doctors on Organic Food

I don’t concur with organic food, and this jerks stating this to routine non assuming individuals! lets feed all the world with natural food and let people form 3 e.
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  1. EpicTrollingCentre

    Aren’t these people doctors? Don’t they know that the idea that organic
    food tastes better is just a placebo effect. When you run the trials, but
    you tell the subject that the organic food isn’t organic and the
    non-organic food is organic, they always choose the one that they believe
    to be organic. Why? It is because they have the pre-conceived notion that
    organic food tastes better, so if they eat something that they believe to
    be organic food, it tastes better to them.

  2. Well I rather not eat food that’s been altered, sprayed with pesticides
    etc. Say I want organic foods or what ever, I want untainted food. 

  3. These doctors don’t know what they’re talking about. I don’t think they
    even read the scientific literature.

  4. eh america sucks balls also the people of america seem to do nothing about
    it so who cares what happens to them also the goverment fails have fun with
    gmo food, i would never go to america food is bad and poisonous, let them
    kill eachother for profit damn barbians anyways.

  5. @Davebjj Farming Systems Trial at Rodale Institute compares soybean and
    maize production under a conventional and two organic management farming
    systems. Corn yields were comparable in all 3 cropping systems(less than 1%
    difference)(Drinkwater 1998).

  6. @Fight4Privacy non organic food has no differential impact to the earth as
    organic food, it’s farming techniques such as massive irrigation (which is
    done EVERYWHERE including organic farms) that do the real damage, besides,
    unless the company who produces organic food, does only produce organic
    food, the foods will be cross contaminated on processing lines regardless
    of how it is farmed,

  7. @BlueCrush84 If you were wrong about the 9 billion people, then what makes
    you think you aren’t wrong about the rest. I am using logic and common
    sense as well as the scientific evidence. For example genetically modified
    crops require buffer zones, and often refuges as well, which take up huge
    amounts of land, sometimes more than double the land of organic. The
    scientific evidence does not support genetically modified crops
    consistantly yielding higher and certainly not double organic yields.

  8. @BlueCrush84 Another UN report “Today’s scientific evidence demonstrates
    that agroecological methods outperform the use of chemical fertilizers in
    boosting food production where the hungry live- especially in unfavorable
    environments.””To date agroecological projects have shown an average crop
    yield increase of 80% in 57 developing countries, with an average increase
    of 116% for all African projects.”

  9. ya fuck this psuedo science bullshit. penn and teller have raped this shit
    on thier show in two episodes.

  10. @BlueCrush84 A study in the journal Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems,
    based on 293 yield comparisons of plant and animal foods, showed that
    organic agriculture has the potential to feed the entire human population
    based on the amount of agricultural land currently in use.

  11. I never liked this show. They’re so full of shit.

  12. @Fight4Privacy please, more people with your views regarding the
    topic!!!!!!!!!!!! totally agree!!!

  13. @myndy86 Also no one knows why bees are disappearing dramatically. If the
    bee population disappeared overnight, the worlds population would starve in
    FOUR years. I would go as far as to saying all the money and energy that is
    going into organic food this, and organic bullshit that, is a strong
    potential reason why the bees are disappearing.

  14. @BlueCrush84 USDA website”With few exceptions, studies point to
    environmental advantages for organic farming practices with respect to
    a)maintaining or building soil quality, b)lessening ground and surface
    water contamination, c)reducing greenhouse gas emissions, d)encouraging
    biodiversity, e)conserving water and energy resources, and f)recycling

  15. @Fight4Privacy You also can’t say “hey it’s not a placebo because I tried
    it and it works” because that could just mean that the placebo effect
    worked. You’d have to have set up a double-blind test with multiple people
    and a control to prove that.

  16. @BlueCrush84 International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition compared
    organic vs conventional diet in animals. Weight gain was greater in
    organically fed rats,mortality was lower at 9 weeks and incidence of
    degenerative diseases was lower. Lower mortality in organically fed
    rabbits. 2nd and 3rd generation rabbits from organically fed parents had
    higher birth rates and more viable embryos. Infectious illnesses were less
    frequent in 2nd generation animals.

  17. 1) Who said I was afraid of.. actually I’m not even sure what you’re
    accusing me of being afraid of, 2) just because I don’t want to read your
    anecdotal book from some guy doesn’t mean I don’t have an open (though
    rationally skeptical) mind, and 3) please tell me you didn’t start that
    toothless sentence with “you got no brains”…

  18. Organic farming isn’t impossible. Organic farming uses fertilizer– from
    organically raised animals, composted materials, and natural soil minerals.
    Organic farming uses pesticides– nonhazardous, plant-based products
    Organic farming does take up more land. However, the argument that organic
    farming is inefficient is false– 40% of agricultural land is currently
    being used to grow feed for factory farmed meats. Actually using this land
    for produce would yield more food, less chronic illnesses.

  19. @BlueCrush84 I had no intention of mentioning recycling. You have any facts
    to back yourself up? myndy86 more or less says what needs to be said.

  20. I didn’t know that through selecting fruits, you could end up with a plant
    that can withstand harsh temperatures, and have plants produce their own
    pesticides or cannot reproduce. The ‘selection’ is pretty much the same as
    how man evolved the dog from a wolf from what it is today. Would it be OK
    if we started genetically modifying dogs? NO! Of course not. So, why is it
    OK to genetically modify food? Having an obedient wolf (dog) isn’t the same
    as having a dog with the strength of a lion.

  21. imthekingoftheworld

    I have done my research, Truthinness231, and there is a big difference
    between organic and nonorganic foods. I myself have grown it. Of course, I
    don’t believe everything I read as ‘organic’ is actually organic. Walmart
    has a small section of so-called ‘organic food’, but I don’t believe them.

  22. @Fight4Privacy besides organic farming is not more productive, because
    there is no pesticides to keep things like aphids, ants, fruit flies, as
    well as diseases like curly leaf, black spot, brown rot, crown gall etc.
    any trees affected by these will produce little to no fruit, REDUCING
    productivity, all of these conditions are treatable with chemicals,
    “organic” pesticides do little, they are not strong enough. there is no
    evidence to say that organic food is more nutritious than not

  23. I am sorry for accusing you of having no brains. I realize you may be
    skeptical, but there is so much to learn. Its ok because you will find
    conventional farming and organic farming are the only way. We at least have
    a right to know about GMOs like 50 other countries do! They are lying to us
    right now! Conventional crops can be used again. Keep in mind everything
    ain’t the price it should be, especially food since its treated as a
    commodity by banks. The Federal Reserve you can blame for that.

  24. @Maxnned WHOLEFOODS SELLS GMOs!!! It seems everything you think you know
    about organic and GMOs you learned from Penn and Teller. Magicians who used
    no studies to back their claims and whose job is to trick you!!! Most
    studies suggest organic is healthier, more beneficial for poor countries
    than conventional and GMOs etc. Read the studies!!!

  25. Short and sweet, the organic movement is false. Its not safer, its not
    better for you or the environment, and if there was a complete overhaul to
    organic, billions of people would starve to death. its a marketing
    technique that these companies sell and we buy, hook line and sinker
    because we dont know any better and we believe them.

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