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Stash Tea Organic Agave Nectar Sticks, 20 Count Stick

Stash Tea Organic Agave Nectar Sticks, 20 Count Stick

The Stash Tea Company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1972, the company derives its name from an entertaining aspect of tea folklore. In earlier centuries, tea was a valuable commodity traditionally transported by clipper ship. The ship's captain often was presented with some of the finest teas for his personal use. This supply was his "stash", stowed carefully as his "private reserve." Today, the term still is used to denote anything put away carefully because of its preciousness. Stash Premium Agave Nectar Sticks, 20-Count Sticks is made from organic agave nectar, a vegan-friendly honey substitute. Simply pop open the ends to stir natural goodness into your beverage. Agave Nectar is a natural sweetener made from the juice of the Agave plant. It has a pleasant flavor and is sweeter than sugar with a consistency similiar to honey. With an approximat 72% fruit sugar content, Agave absorbs more slowly into the body decreasing the highs and lows associated with sugar. Agave is a vegan friendly honey substitute. Read More »

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