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Phony Organics | How to Find Food That’s Really Organic

Phony Organics | How to Find Food That’s Really Organic

Are you consuming phony organic foods? Anthony Gucciardi sits down with Dr. Edward Group III of http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ to go over how prevalent pho…

What Is Organic Food? [Epipheo.TV]

A lot of folks think that organic food need to be more healthier for you, but never actually comprehend what organic good really is or what it signifies for food to be…
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  1. hey guys check out the video we made on organic food! #gogoorganix


  3. Guys! I’m here to make what some will call a crazy claim. I’m no doctor
    either, but in the last few years I’ve been to too many who handed me drugs
    like candy. I was ignorant. I did not know that doctors get commission
    checks when they help push a drug…I almost died from these drugs. My
    liver got messed up, rashes, my prostrate enlarged & I was losing my hair.
    I went green & organic. I took organic hemp oil & it worked! Cured! Nada! I
    have hair, a clean liver & my woody! Watch what you eat!

  4. Since I switched over to organics AND organic healing methods I’ve cured
    my: Emphysema, Autism, Cancer, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Stenosis,
    Arthritis and Depression. Almost no one can tell I ever suffered with any
    of the above. When I start prattling off lists, stats, and historical data
    with the efficiency of a computer some guess the Asperger’s. For the most
    part now, people just think I’m really, really smart and slightly
    over-animated. lol 😉

  5. You want food that’s “organic”? Choose that Tomato that looks like someone
    found it on the street. That’s the organic one.

  6. all food is organic. stop with the fucking myths “dr” and show the fucking

  7. So where does one get organic food from? If u present the prob u should
    present a solution. Otherwise you will get people even more frusterated and

  8. FDA are these the same people that allow aspartame into fizzy drinks , an
    sodium flouride (rat poison) in our drinking water

  9. thanks..i was eating their ‘bars’, until i looked at the ingredients, and
    yup, ‘organic soy’ was listed. i really dont know what to eat anymore…..

  10. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Watch the YouTube Keynote presentation “GMOs in USDA Organic Food” to know
    what’s really going on… it’s harder and harder to differentiate between
    what is and what isn’t “organic,” but then, that very term, defined by the
    USDA, does not mean what we want it to mean (as I detail in the video).

  12. Great insights. Thanks for the helpful content.

  13. Nature’s Path Organic Breakfast Food is suspect for using Maltodextrin and
    Soy Lecithin

  14. FDA labels are false on all foods, I do know that. Just because it says no
    sugar does not mean it does not have any. Bullshit!!

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  17. thats true.. ima download this video

  18. Thanks a lot for checking us out!

  19. Yall got me nervous here. Whole Foods Market must not be good-it is just a
    name so they can take my money. Unfortunately, it is the closest thing to

  20. great info. thanks guys

  21. Thank you, there’s definitely a lot of super high quality organic food out
    there. It’s just a matter of checking things out for sure.

  22. Guys, What is THE product you are telling about? It would be a good idea to
    add the name and website at the end of the video.

  23. Thank You for the great info…was great to know your opinions…it is sad
    that most people do not know this information. I have found a great place
    that is 100% organic products….just FYI so you do not think that you are
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  25. TLDW: choose whole foods, not just organic packages! Being italian it’s
    quite obvious to me, but maybe not for my fellows from the other side of
    the big sea.

    Also, +Epipheo rocks.

  26. i agree organic food is better for your health but buying it from a store
    isn’t the way to go. try to get your veggies and fruits from an actual
    farm. organic processed foods do not make a different ,health wise. The
    only thing is that not many people can afford organic food. its pricey
    because of the effort and labor it takes to make,or grown or raise it. so
    getting rid of non-organic food is actually a bad thing. what we NEED to do
    is get rid of these huge mega stores.

  27. hey check out this scary video we made on organic farming! #gogoorganix

  28. Anonim Vere-Casper

    1:57 What if you are a chemist?

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  35. Organic doesn’t necessarily mean healthy!

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