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Organic food not more nutritious says study

Organic food not more nutritious says study

Gayle King talks to registered dietitian Samantha Heller about a new study that says naturally grown food is not more nutritious than non-organic foods.
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  1. Ever since Michael Clarke Duncan (a health nut who was in GREAT shape)
    passed away, the media has been hammering away @ healthy food, diet, and
    exercise choices; implying that it doesn’t really matter since MCD did
    everything right but still died from the same cause of death out-of-shape
    people die from.
    So let’s all drink GMO then! {{^_^}}

  2. Only fools buy into this whole organic food scam.

  3. Over 20% of organic foods are grown in China and they don’t just go to the
    major supermarkets. Google Wholefoods and organic food from China. Trader
    Joe’s was importing from China but stopped because all the uproar. Had you
    paid attention to the above video and the gigantic scientific study from
    Stanford they concluded that while regular grown foods may have 30% more
    pesticide residue than organic grown foods it was still well within the
    safe level. But who cares about science?

  4. religious? i did my own research, its all about the taste and the quality
    as well..all the people that said organic is healthier, non organic
    contained a lot of the stuff that i said before..if we left it up to
    science and people like this, we will get nothing..its up to the people to
    do it.to believe it or not..i dont believe it, and you do..its all part of
    living in society.if we left it up to the news *who lies* we would still be
    eating hormones, pesticides and GMO foods..its up to the people

  5. i care about science..but not when science is mixed in with my food..its
    very harmful not only to us but to the environment..GMO foods have been
    proven to cause tumors,and other cancers..

  6. your not comprehending what i am telling you..you cant base your studies on
    just type of website you need to do more than that..look at the labels,look
    at the numbers of it.non organic foods have high levels of pesticides, they
    are being put into our foods.organic foods,no.organic foods has been proven
    to be more healthy than non organic foods.many americans would buy organic
    foods..look at this way,if you have eaten a strawberry.it has a bitter sour
    taste.when in reality,its suppose to be sweet

  7. To be honest, compared to what most americans eat, conventional fruits and
    vegetables are not that bad. In my eyes, processed foods are the biggest
    threat. Food can be labeled Organic if it’s 95% organic or higher. That’s
    still 5% of chemicals manufacturers can add. I’ll tell you, my health has
    improved a lot from eating conventional fruits and vegetables for the most
    part. I want to switch to organic, but it’s very expensive. I’m trying to
    find a local farm and buy direct from the farmer.

  8. it’s not about the nutritional value based on a 2k calorie diet. that’s
    what the stanford studies address. there are more aspects to health than
    vitamins. it doesn’t make sense to bring up studies when the only study
    done on humans eating GM food showed that genetic material transfers into
    our DNA. Who cares if you’re getting the same amounts of vitamins if you’re
    eating something that hasn’t even been tested beyond 1 study?

  9. So you don’t care about the science?

  10. i get what you are talking about. organic fits for my family, i have two
    diabetics and cancer runs in my family. non organic foods has stuff that is
    in it that causes or triggers it…its filled preservative and artificial
    ingredients..so we stay away from caned foods. non organic veggies contains
    either pesticides, or GMO…meat are either filled with salt to make it
    bigger, or hormones to do the same thing…and dangerous antibiotics…we
    try to stay way from things like that..

  11. thats not true,organic is far better for you then non organic. actually
    organic prices is the same price as non organic..maybe a few cents or a
    dollar more.if you do your math,you paying for the same price in
    tax.organic foods contain less then the stuff that it is in non organic.im
    the one in denial,that funny,maybe you should look in the mirror,cuz if you
    think that non organic is healthy for you,and if you believe the shit these
    people say,you need to stop drinking the fluoride infested water

  12. thats good that your health has improved, mix in some herbs too, im
    growing, orange mint,parsley,lemon balm,oregano,stevia, and rosmary. all of
    these are very good for you, with these you can use less salt, and sugar.
    if you live in a town where you get a farmers market, you can get a great
    foods, we have one here, i never really go. i never think about going. you
    can always try growing your own food instead..

  13. if you look at the prices like albertsons for example, there high, your
    paying close to four dollars for vegetables. if you look at place that sell
    organic, you see that there the same price. why pay what is at albertsons
    when you get the exact same thing at the exact same price at the organic
    store. now, some things like sea food, there like two or three dollars
    more, because its sea food, at its not grown in a farm. meat for non
    organic doesnt contain the same thing that non organic foods..

  14. MetrazolElectricity

    and we’re moving further away from the original topic of
    discussion…that’s fine. anyway, the point is many people who aren’t on a
    budget should still be smart and not make spendthrift decisions.

  15. not all organic foods are corporations..and not all corporations are bad.
    the only food that comes from china are the main corporations..like
    walmart,kmart,albertsons ect..they are the ones that have foods from other
    countries. do you even know what organic means?it stand for grown here in
    the states, not from over seas. pesticides are harmful.there are different
    brands of it.mansanto which is a deadly corporation uses round up,they also
    put it in our food.there is nothing good about pesticides

  16. Let me guess it was a government study done by the same people that are
    genetically modifying foods already -.- I call BS

  17. you need to do some more research then just one website or from one
    college. there has been many studies that have shown that organic foods are
    healthier and a lot safer. like i said, i grew parsley, if you taste the
    one at the store it has a mild bitter taste. but if you taste the one i
    grew, the taste is a lot stronger. look at organic foods, they are like
    three or four dollars, then look at food at walmart..three or four
    dollars..its the same. why spend money on something that can kill one.

  18. i rather buy stuff that is organic then stuff that has been proven to cause

  19. All that these statistics say to me is that the bulk of “organic” products
    which are easily obtained from chain grocery stores are less than truly
    organic. Petroleum based fertilizers and pesticides are not necessary for
    the growth of food; its just the agri-business way of producing food.
    Avoidance of petroleum is my main reason for seeking out organic foods from
    local farmers that I can actually talk to about their farming methods. Neem
    oil & fish emulsions work without harming soil quality.

  20. MetrazolElectricity

    oh now we’re talking about choice ? yeah, you have the choice to pay $100
    for a can of chicken soup to me or buy it for $4 from the store… you have
    the choice. my point is, some choices are dumber than others.

  21. there meats and chicken that you can buy at the store, that is non organic,
    but is cage free..meats that are cage free doesn’t have the diseases and
    the all that stuff that i said below…like foster farms…or the store
    brand..some stores refused to use cage animals in their store..in some
    states it will cost more. in my home town it doesnt cost that much..but
    some families are on a budget, so non organic is fine for them…

  22. they did, they said that food that is grown conventional is better for
    you..that is not true. its been proven that organic food far more healthy
    then non organic. it has been proven the non organic goods contains tons of
    pesticides,hormones, GMO..corn,soy beans,cucumbers contains GMO..there was
    something done with it. even now with obama sighing the monsanto act into
    law, who knows what they will do now. organic food has better nutritional
    value, then non organic.

  23. i did watch the clip..what they said in the beginning is a lie..organic
    foods shows to be more nutritious then non organic foods..basically this
    video is hypocritical, they say that organic foods has no benefit then non
    organic, then they say you should go and buy organic and not non
    organic..organic foods are far better for you, it doesnt have GMO’s,
    chemicals,and pesticides.

  24. watch food inc and see the different organic food and non-organic

  25. The Stanford study incorporated more than 200 studies. I used that website
    because it’s a pro-organic website. Check out the Mao Clinic website or
    WebMD, National Academy of Science or National Cancer Society. They all say
    the same thing. Regular grown foods have just as many vitamins and minerals
    as organic and regular grown foods are safe. The days of DDT are gone but
    it’s in the best interest of those selling organic to scare people into
    buying organic even if it goes against science.

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