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Organic Food Haul UK

Organic Food Haul UK

So i made an organic food hall for organic food shopping in the UK, because i always fid it hard to find good organic food. I hope this video is useful and f…
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The best of the factual entertainment series about scams and cons focusing on how easy it is to be scammed and conned in everyday life.

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  1. Nice haul! All the same stuff I eat from Tesco, pretty much 🙂 Yum 🙂 Its
    fairly easy to buy organic here, much cheaper than some people would think!

  2. Benji tweeted your video 🙂

  3. Love watching other peoples food hauls

  4. Thank you! yeah its so much easier to get good food here than it is in the
    states, Benji was made up he could go and get organic stuff at Tesco 🙂

  5. Hey Thanks Benji glad you liked it.

  6. Hey Johnathan! yeah that’s so awesome of him 🙂 he’s a good guy. Hey i have
    a bunch of other videos and Vlogs that you may like please check them out

  7. Unless your organic vegetables or fruits comes from the greenhouse, the
    natural pesticides they use are more dangerous than the inorganic

  8. Subscribe to my organic channel

  9. They are a scam, with 99% of scientific studies debunking the “health
    benefits” of organic foods.

  10. I think they just make these scams up to get footage for the show.

  11. Again, nope. If you think organic food are a ‘scam’, you don’t know what
    the term organic means.

  12. I don’t think organic foods are a scam. I KNOW they are a scam. But because
    people like you are gullible asshats, someone will always be around to
    separate you and your money. Run along, kid.

  13. Thanks for telling us that most of comes from Organic China. You learn to
    sentence forming from China, too learn?

  14. What about all the costs of setting up the stall? You would be found out
    before you even broke even

  15. Organic = ONLY spending more money and a smug feeling. Nothing else.

  16. Nope. You obviously don’t know what the term organic even means at all.

  17. Saw full version on Discovery!

  18. Organic food buyers all claim that organic tastes better but not one of
    them has ever proven it.

  19. Organic foods are a scam in itself. Passing off non-organic foods as
    organic doesn’t amount to a hill of beans when the people selling
    overpriced organic foods are essentially scamming people by pimping their
    product as better.

  20. See Paul selling something…. Seems legit.

  21. well this scam wasn’t that spectacular

  22. wasnt Organic concidered the Normal once? call it organic and somehow we
    are getting better? the world has gone mad

  23. @mobilechief Some of it. Depends where you shop.

  24. Hes’ China men, he’ve learned sentences’s all from China.

  25. not really. some of the stores really come from organic farms

  26. 1:43 Here’s Alex, here’s Jess. 😀

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