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Organic Beauty & Food HAUL! ❤

Organic Beauty & Food HAUL! ❤

Organic Beauty & Food Haul! Previous Video: Sweater Weather Tag! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BySewreKkd0 Happy weekend! I hope you all had a great week! I…
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  1. Awesome haul! I’m dying to check out more natural products.

  2. Love all the organic things!

  3. Thanks for sharing!

  4. NEW VIDEO! Organic Beauty & Food HAUL!

  5. #teatimetuesday is such a cute idea! And loved watching this, got some
    great ideas for new product to try! xoMelissa 

  6. thevioletrevolution

    Looking forward to reviews of these products!

  7. I remember watching a video from you a bit ago (I think in the
    spring/summer) about you washing your face with honey. Do you still wash
    your face with honey and do you recommend it?

  8. Did you like the prtty peaushun lotion? It sounds amazing!

  9. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I love love love videos like this. I just came across your channel and I
    have been looking for a beauty guru that also has the same eating diet as
    me. I just subscribed I am so excited to watch all of your videos now!! (:

  11. why is everything you eat organic?? i mean cmon organic cinnamon? 

  12. So glad I found your channel! I can’t have gluten either so I’m loving this
    video :)

  13. HealthNutNutrition

    The True Roots quinoa is a great brand. I buy it from Costco in bulk and
    its such a great price. I also love it because it’s organic and “pre
    washed” which is important with quinoa. Red quinoa is great on salads
    because its a lot more crunchy then white quinoa. Love your videos Shannon!

  14. Christina Arsenault

    I love the idea of tea time Tuesday. I am borderline obsessed with loose
    leaf tea (and well.. all tea too!) So I will love hearing what you love and
    others in the comments.

  15. OH!! Tell me what you think of the rose tea? I think it would be too floral
    tasting, but would love to hear what you think! 

  16. Thanks for the video and sites info.

  17. You are so sweet and I love watching your reviews of organic/natural
    products. I am a vegetarian and I try to use all organic and, if possible,
    cruelty free products and you inspire me to try new things! xoxo Stay

  18. I LOVE tea as well… I like your idea of Tea time tuesday, super cute! I am
    going to try Numi Teas.. I really want to find a Chai tea that I love
    because I haven’t found that perfect one yet! Thanks :)

  19. my favorite tea ever right now is the Peppermint Candy Cane Green Tea from
    Trader Joes <3 

  20. Please do some reviews! 🙂 I am really interested in that lotion and the
    makeup products!

  21. Im so excited for tea time tuesday!! Its going to be fun!

  22. You look like Blanca Soto <33

  23. Love your videos, i love tea! All of them sound so good. Love your top by
    the way, you look very pretty! )

  24. Why doesn’t she have more subscribers!!!!????

  25. I’m interested to see a review on the products you liked the most!! would
    you do it please? i like how you go fast and right to the point in your
    hauls! very interesting thank you so much :)

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