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Nations Largest Organic Food Co-op Proves ‘You Are What You Eat’

Nations Largest Organic Food Co-op Proves ‘You Are What You Eat’

Nation’s Biggest Organic Produce Co-op in Houston, Texas run by FullyRaw Kristina proves ‘You Are What You Eat’ http://youtu.be/Z0dSarHf3Oo Want to be inspir…

Police raided the Rawsome Foods organic grocery store with guns drawn in search of “raw-foods”. George Hemminger (George4Title) said the battle over organic …

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  1. Cristina Hope you HEar this! YOU ARE AMAZING THANKS!!!!!! for saving people
    money and their lives too

  2. Awesome 😀

  3. plz plz plz plz come to Fort Smith Arkansas


  5. Congratulations, Kristina!!!

  6. yes! i’ve been looking into co ops in the LA area but either i’m not
    looking in the right places or none exist. anyone know of any??

  7. the last image is a kid with bananas on his hand, and they are labeled
    “DOLE” it´s every thing but organic and local


  9. good luck!

  10. 87 is still way to much for the majority

  11. do you drink chinese herbal tonics?

  12. Your the queen of inspirations! Hugs.

  13. Congrats! Wish we had you in Chicago…

  14. I wish I could have this in New Jersey

  15. Do you ship to Norway Kristina? Or maybe I’ll move to Houston 😀

  16. JAM!!! 😀

  17. who doesnt ? HAHA !! Put the stang on it!

  18. Congrats!!!!!!!

  19. Bravo, Kristina!

  20. Congrats!!


  22. Way to go! Congratulations Kristina! <3 Peace

  23. i hate the illuminati (tv)

  24. Good on ya lady. Your awesome. I like your style

  25. There is a good reason I have been eating organically grown food and even
    go to the extent of growing my own produce and the panic shown by big
    agricultural bodies shows just how worried they are about the rise of small
    organic producers and people becoming much more aware of the effects that
    pesticides and other chemicals in their food have on them.

  26. Monsanto ,,dow chemical,,,,,,,its too late for us we are the dead
    generation,,,some are afraid of martial law,,,,Obama has much worse in mind
    for us 666

  27. Makes me feel good that I am sharing about Beyond Organic food. You can
    too: http://www.organicisthefuture.com. We are at the right place and at
    the right time!

  28. they try to keep us separated with racism, but look around, white folks are
    being taken down faster than melaNINtites. A house divided can’t stand.
    They cant even come up with a plan to give every citizen rightful health
    care. They would rather walk away. “We The People” can make them stay home.
    But first we have to stop drinking the KoolAid { 1Peter 5:8 Be sober, be
    vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion,walketh
    about,seeking whom he may devour.}

  29. sins our fathers have pass to us they have taken over our food and water
    They give our fresh water to china and pour out our natural milk forcing us
    to drink chemical milk and eat chemical food given us cancer add fluride to
    our water that blinds our minds weprotest weare beaten to a pulp we protest
    the “police” we are detained taken to jail with tremendous fines can be
    stripped searched in public full cavity check Its started we have let what
    our forefathers warned our days are already numbered

  30. the NOAA is raiding Nothern Fishermen in the U,S,. they are going into
    their businesses without search warrents, giving the men substantial fines
    and taking their family farms that have been in families for 6 generations.
    They are doing this because they want our seafood to come from china. NO, I
    refuse to eat any farm raised fish, and nothing that is not caught in North
    America. people im afraid its too late. our country has become a “police
    state” a communist regiem.

  31. paisith sengsouriya

    why the guns

  32. highdefinitiondiva

    this is America!???

  33. saw kinda late but this is totally bs the cops have no business raiding for
    raw milk seriously

  34. Cops shut down Boston over a runny nose kid, they raid an organic food
    store, but they won’t arrest monkeys ranting and running around kicking and
    punching innocent by standers in Black neighborhoods. Why? Because they
    know niggaz & spics shoot back. White America is afraid of prison time and
    that’s the line one must cross if you are willing to fight back. No
    country, religion, government or right has ever been founded without the
    shedding blood or being put in jail to rot. Just a fact.

  35. When will Americans learn that “show of force” only causes retaliation. At
    most all that should have gone their is a food inspector and maybe one cop
    if a search warrant is needed for some odd reason.

  36. Nutricionizam byMarinela

    police raid on a organic food store… what the heck???

  37. This is Monsanto at work…

  38. ‘Food cooperatives are a threat to the corporate model and therefore must
    be destroyed.’

  39. Food police target organic foods in California!
    Food police target organic foods in California!

  40. you are talking about the big milk processing plants that feed their cows
    antibiotics on a regular basis… these are small, independently run farms
    with a few cows that produce safe raw milk, not tainted by diseases because
    they don’t keep 100 cows locked up together in a single room. Of course
    diseases are going to be a problem in living conditions that poor… but
    small, local farms producing raw milk won’t hurt anyone as long as the cows
    are fed properly and cared for like they should be.


  42. @swirty89 It is legal!! Thats why this is so crazy!!

  43. Al Capone times is back. Different that instead of alcohol this time cruel
    gangsters trade row milk. Can you believe it? Can you imagine: They sell
    milk to the school kids!

  44. I don’t think that there is a link between ‘corporations taking over food’
    and the way that these officers are acting; pulling out guns and pretending
    to be in some kind of a drug raid. The cops were acting like this on their
    own. It happens often in LA where there is a culture of cops bullying
    people. It has become normal in America for police to bully citizens. If
    people were to visit, say, England they would be surprised at how friendly
    and helpful the police are. Talk about freedom!

  45. Outrageous. It is becoming more and more apparent that our government only
    has corporate interests in mind. We can’t have wholesome raw milk, but we
    must have toxic milk infested with genetically engineered bovine growth

  46. STARVE THE BEAST. Pay as little tax as possible , buy as little as possible
    from the biggies , Trade barter , grow your own . unplug from the big banks
    . hold physical silver = STARVE the BEAST = Kill the BEAST.

  47. @cire626 GMO food won’t give any solution to starvation. You can’t make
    something from nothing, like GMO can grow faster and better but this
    exhaust and ruin soil. GMO can’t be linked to sustainable growth, it is
    just more artificial manure and land exhausting which expands limits for a
    while but no further.

  48. viihde.foorumi.eu

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