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Is Organic Food Far better For Weight Loss?

Is Organic Food Far better For Weight Loss?

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  1. Buying organic is NOT that much expensive than GMO, just sayin.

  2. Replying to both of your comments. I will not get into a debate wether or
    not organic is better for you in the long run or not. Fact is people today
    are living longer lives then our ancestors which tells me society as a
    whole is doing great. GMO’s are not bad. In fact without GMO it would be
    impossible to feed as many people as we do. The point of my video is to
    point out the fact that not being able to afford organic is not an excuses
    for not being able to lose excess fat.

  3. In my experience with organic food. I didn’t get sick at all and as
    somebody mentioned you have less inflammation and recover faster after

  4. In my opinion the number may be the same but if you realize that those
    drugs are given to animals to make them fatter faster then antibiotics to
    keep them from getting sick, you then eat them which in turn make you
    fatter faster because it is fat soluble, which turns out could be better
    for fat loss, less inflammation comes from animals that eat what they were
    meant to eat, agree?

  5. This may not be related to the video, but would you say that green tea is
    as good/better for metabolism boosting as opposed to black coffee?

  6. What about from a health perspective?

  7. Green tea has less caffeine than coffee. If you find yourself getting
    jittery with black coffee than switch to green tea. Both of them will give
    your body a metabolism boost. Black coffee will give your body more of one
    but it comes with more side effects. I drink both.

  8. I was just making sure that you were not com-binding the two, I know
    organic food from a health perspective is far better for you which makes
    the price difference lucrative. Pay now or pay later, look into GMO and
    what it does to your body, also the drugs they give animals to fatten them
    up faster which is fat soluble. Cows are made to eat grass not grain, think
    of the vitamins and nutrients in grass that grain fed cows are missing out
    on, I make 12 an hr and refuse to eat anything less than

  9. I’ve eaten conventional food my whole life to this point. There may be
    difference but I’m no expert. Sorry I can’t help you there. I’d be lying if
    I said I knew what I was talking about when it coms to that.

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