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Is Consuming Organic Meals Essential?

Is Consuming Organic Meals Essential?

http://www.therenegadehealthshow.com – No matter exactly where I go, or who I speak to, the most typical inquiries about wholesome foods that get are these… Why ought to…
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  1. Organic food is really important to our lifes so start doing a garden and
    you will enjoy how much funny that colud be!! :D

  2. so there are no pesticides on organic plants

  3. Dale Modisette

    Organic food is really important to our lifes so start doing a garden and
    you will enjoy how much funny that colud be!! :D

  4. typical youtube responders. looking for a reason to watch and bitch. only
    dickheaded morons think the conviential bullshit is better. don’t expect
    much from simple minded people. yall keep eating wax and chemicals leave
    the organic for me.

  5. @MefuneAkira your probably some stupid rich person working for codex
    alimentarius. whoever believes you is out of their mind

  6. You did not prove that organic does not have poison, and you did not prove
    that what is on the shelf is organic.

  7. GMO does nothing to add nutrients either sorry, it’s all for convenience
    factors such as insect resistant food. And did you know they have to inject
    the GMO with the E. Coli Bacteria in order to get the modified cell to
    replicate. I know all this sounds like sci fi but it is not just google
    Monsanto. How are they getting away with it? Well they basically own the
    White House that’s how. So many people in Office now that we trust are
    actually Senior Members of Monsanto

  8. You are brilliant! Most people need a visual and you just gave it to them.
    Thank you!!

  9. @MefuneAkira well i think i made it pretty clear what I was saying exept
    for when i said “…organic has more…” i meant to say “it said organic
    had more *NUTRITION*” it was typo i guess. tell me where it says organic
    pesticides arent safe?

  10. Silent13Assassin

    @kevingianni You didnt anwser your own question “How can you trust the
    people who are putting them on the shelves that they actually dont contain
    pesticides” (chemicals).

  11. Yeah your not going to covince me that organic foods task better just
    because it is organic here is why. First tastes is a matter of opinion.
    Second you really can’t tell from organic apple and non-apple just by
    tasting it. Plus penn and teller kind blew that taste claim right of out
    window by one of their blind taste experiment. This experiment showed that
    their was a bias component to the claim organic taste better. Taste is a
    matter of opinion and opinion is bias.

  12. scrambledeggsTV

    made me think

  13. you organic freaks should just live off of water and semen, its healthy.

  14. LazarusErlking

    @DEathTOanaLysis You’re taking his example too literally. Raid is a
    chemical solution meant to kill insects, which is essentially what
    pesticides are. Your grandfather probably spent most of his earlier years
    eating real food; loading crops with pesticides has gotten worse in recent
    years – because pests have become so resistant. There is an epidemic of
    cancer in society today, and it stands in glaring contrast to all the
    technological and medical advances that have come along, don’t you think?

  15. Wish I could afford to eat organic…

  16. This is the typical sensationalist video I expect from people who don’t
    understand the facts of the food industry and only have a one sided
    perspective on the issue. Yes, I think many pesticides used on crops,
    shouldn’t be used, but do I think organic is the solution? Of course not!
    With a little bit of research and average intelligence, anyone can come to
    the conclusion that organic food is not only a scam, but potentially
    dangerous as well. I urge people to read both sides of the issue!

  17. Sadly some of us simply no matter how much we want, cannot afford to pay
    twice the price for organic food. Perhaps those of you on the west coast
    that have easy access to so many farms and all year growing seasons don’t
    see the huge costs, but living in a rural area on the east coast, the price
    of organic anything is outrageous. So I have to make the decision to eat
    healthy conventional or just conventional. I started my first garden but
    that will only help a little and for a short time.

  18. Beyond Organic & Jordan Rubin Updates

    haha! I wouldnt eat that food… Check out Beyond Organic company – brand
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  19. real organic foods in europe for example if they are organic have to be
    raised on soil wich hasent been pesticided at least 3 years

  20. that is so dumb I just lost 3 mins and 40 secs of my life watching this

  21. BigBadSeattleLad

    Weak… reminds me of a response a few years back given by a macrobiotic
    follower who claimed bananas were bad for people, “what… you wanna become
    a monkey!?!”. Really? Such patent lack of reason in a response – rather
    than serving to convince – dents one’s credibility. What about organic vs
    non/cost-diff when it comes to corn, peas… or things like bananas,
    avocados, durian, jackfruit, coconuts, etc? No ‘either/or’ here – just a
    million shades of gray requiring a touch of common sense…

  22. Good thing RAID is not rated for pesticide use. Would you people rather be
    eating synthetic poison that humans make specifically for food, or natural,
    organic poison that kill everything it can?

  23. Actually this is not all true. Not all nonorganic food is bad for you. We
    all consume BTC (or something like that) corn. It has been engineered so
    that people do not have to use pesticide, tomatos that are nonorganic also
    a netter for you then organic, they add more vitamins into the tomato and
    they make it so that it lasts longer. The thought that you are eating
    something that is “mutated” is scary, but its not bad. Nonorganic does not
    mean “full of pesticide”

  24. Great video Kevin!

  25. visualkeirockstar

    wtf y is it organic if they still spray pesticies???

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