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inFact: Organic Food Myths

inFact: Organic Food Myths

Everyone states natural food is better for you and better for the environment. However is that real, or is it simply eco-marketing rhetoric?

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  1. Sorry, Dunning, you’re not a skeptic. You’re just a mouthpiece for
    corporate propaganda.
    “…many organic lovers … [believe] organic produce is not grown with
    fertilizers…” Start right off with a strawman. Instant credibility
    killer. You’re not going to have an intelligent discussion, you’re going to
    debate an idiot you made up.
    “Every farm rotates crops…” Please. Have you ever been to eastern
    Washington? Millions of acres of wheat. Last year, they planted wheat. Next
    year, wheat. Twenty years ago, wheat. Or Iowa. Corn. Last year: corn. Next
    year: corn. Forty years ago: corn. Global corporate agribusiness seldom
    rotates crops.
    I’m not a purist. I dislike the ridiculous dichotomy between organic hippie
    food and corporate monoculture food. There’s a time and a place for
    synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. This video, with its patronizing
    attitude, its strawmen, and its errors of fact does nothing to raise the
    level of public discourse about an important topic.

  2. I love that of all inFact’s videos, this one seems to have drawn the most
    ire. Despite the fact that scientific consensus has never favored organic
    farming in any way, and Mr. Dunning goes out of his way to tell people to
    buy whatever they like, there is still a ton of vitriol being spewed here.

    Accosting people who try to discuss issues by calling them shills won’t win
    any hearts or minds.

  3. Nearly all those studies that show that organic is better, you need to
    check the source of the study. Very few – if any – will pass the criteria
    for a true scientific study.

  4. You cannot feed the world on organic food, and those that believe that you
    can are part of the 1st world, those that have no fear of starving because
    they don’t have enough food

  5. This video is great, and to everyone saying that natural fertilizers and
    original strains were fine for centuries, that’s actually true…but how
    many people were there back then? 7 million? 7 thousand? Now there’s 7
    BILLION people in the world, and we have to find more efficient ways to
    feed them all. That’s what ticks me off about this organic food thing, it’s
    ultimately selfish. If we all went organic, MILLIONS WOULD STARVE!

  6. In Fact, Brian, how were crops produced before commercial
    fertilizers..With Natural fertilizers,The Original strains were
    precious,and revered.. Organic, from Nature, Natural means, Organic..Brian,
    I dont know if you have ever farmed, but you really have no idea what your
    talking about, Microorganisms drive the soil, nutrient, Vitamin and mineral
    content, kill the micro-organisms, and you have nutrient poor, crops.A 4
    year, 4 million pound study by the EU, conclusively proved that Organic was
    so far ahead of..”conventional” it was ridiculous, wake up Brian, get
    outside, get your hands dirty and stop relying on Science labs to produce
    your lousy food, our kids deserve better..and really, you are D3 deficient,
    along with a very bad Fungal problem..but of course, you wouldnt believe
    that because Science doesnt talk about it..

  7. This guy is a convicted fraudster THEREFORE, whatever he says IS completely
    irrelevant. Takes a fool to believe a fool! (See above statement)

  8. I think its quite ironic that he states there is no difference between
    organic and non organic foods, because he immediately states afterwards
    that there are studies that do prove otherwise. Whats the point in making a
    claim, and then rebutting it yourself right afterward? 

  9. How does Monsanto pay you? By the video? Or do you get a set amount for
    each lie?

  10. lol the leftist “skeptics” are so butthurt about this video

  11. Interesting thoughts but I think if you look at the facts then you will
    find organic food is better for you as it doesn’t contain the synthetic
    pesticides that conventional produce does. Lets face it why would you
    consume something when you really have no idea what it will end up doing to
    you. Organically grown food is better for you and if you can produce your
    own then that will be even more beneficial and its not even that difficult.
    Anyone can grwo veges at home just by following courses like this one
    http://www.groworganics. net that Dr Jonathon White has put out.

  12. Can’t label everything as black and white. Some organics are much better
    than their counterpart where-as some have minimal pesticide/chemical sprays
    by comparison.

    You want to consume pesticides and laugh at those who spend extra money on
    “organic” food. Go ahead, it’s your health. Just don’t come around whining
    about your poor health in 20 years. You make the bed you lay in. You can
    continue to be “right” or you can be healthy, your choice in the end.

    Why has it been found a majority of the super rich consume organic produce.
    Hell Mitt Romney promotes GMO crap and in a short documentary it shows at
    home they eat nothing but Organic… but of course Organic is all BS, the
    sheep need to eat the crap they’re selling of course.

  13. Fukushima Radiation Update

    This guy obviously has never grown organic vegetables. He’s totally wrong
    on this subject and many other videos I’ve watched. He seems to side with
    corporate interest. My family has been farming for over a century and I can
    say he’s full of bullshit on this issue from my own experience and what my
    grandparents and parents have taught me about farming. I can’t believe he
    has so many thumbs up. Next he’ll make a video about how good pesticides
    our good for you. This guy works for corparations

  14. organic and crap food? I bet you’ll find that non-organic food vs crap food
    is also better. If you compare any non-crap food to crap food it’s going to
    be better. There are no studies favoring organic food and if we all
    switched to organic farming then billions would starve. Fact

  15. Yaay, an InFact about organic food!
    I remember when Skeptoid’s first podcast episode about organic food was
    released – it was interesting to see who the real skeptics were. Always
    very easy to point and laugh when something you already don’t believe is
    getting the skeptical treatment, but when it’s something you *do* believe,
    suddenly you sound no different from any of the other delusional people.

  16. Your statistics are seriously flawed.

  17. Please find a single scientific study which has passed the peer-review
    process that shows that organic foods are healthier for people.

  18. …And that’s meant to sway me…how? Don’t buy Monsanto seeds then.

  19. In agriculture, crop yield refers to the measure of a crop per unit area of
    land cultivation,

  20. Me personally? No neither are you. But organic most certainly can, much
    better than conventional too. Organic yields more per acre in general,
    while conventional yields more per farmer in general. But more per farmer
    doesn’t feed the world unless there is a shortage of population. The world
    I live in has no such shortage of population and hasn’t since WWII. The
    main key would be to train skilled farmers. Pop isn’t the problem, training
    them in modern organic methods is the limiting factor.

  21. Monsantoed toed !

  22. I mistook you for someone intelligent I could dialogue with. You are
    welcome to your closed mind full of petroleum not BS. Or so you suppose. I
    have been an organic farmer since 1973 when we started the movement.
    Petroleum killls the rybosphere and eventually the topsoil. You could use
    your scientific minds and your market muscle to HELP us bring about this
    necessary agricultural transition, instead you make it harder for us with
    ego argumentation.

  23. I agree, but it is a food issue too.

  24. You say less, but actually it is more. Call it creative accounting by
    those wishing to discount organic due to a vested financial interest in
    conventional. If I grow corn and beans together as companion crops, sure I
    might get 20 % less corn or 20 % less beans, but I got both beans and corn,
    so my total productivity per acre is much higher. Then if I raise chickens
    and glean those fields with them…..even more productivity. I do that 5 or
    more years and the soil gives me even more.

  25. both of those studies are exceptional examples of high end organic
    production, with specialist in the field actively working to increase the
    productivity of the organic system, they are not at all examples of the
    average organic farming system, which on average have lower yields and
    productivity compared to the average conventional farming system using
    synthetic chemicals

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