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Health Warrior Premium Chia Seeds, 16-Ounce Pouch

Health Warrior Premium Chia Seeds, 16-Ounce Pouch

Health Warrior Premium Chia Seeds, 16-Ounce Pouch

Health Warrior Premium Chia Seeds, 16-Ounce Pouch Rating:
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\"As tiny as these seeds are, they are superpacked with omega-3s, omega-6s, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, fiber, and antioxidants. If you had to choose just one particular desert-island meals, you couldn\'t do significantly better than chia, at least if you have been interested in building muscle, lowering cholesterol, and lowering your risk of heart disease following a handful of months on the chia diet, you could probably swim home.\" - as described in the New York Occasions greatest-promoting book \"Born to Run\" by Christopher McDougall


  • 100% premium chia seeds sourced from the highest quality farmers
  • Certified vegan, kosher, gluten free, and low glycemic
  • More omega-3 than salmon, more fiber than oatmeal, more protein than tofu
  • Tons of energy, lots of nutrients, very satisfying
  • Add to cereal, yogurt, salad, juices, smoothies, or any other food

Health Warrior Premium Chia Seeds, 16-Ounce Pouch 4.6 out of 5 based on 132 ratings. 132 user reviews
Canned & Jarred Cooking and Baking Nuts and Seeds Health Warrior Premium Chia Seeds, 16-Ounce Pouch \"As tiny as these seeds are, they are superpacked with omega-3s, omega-6s, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, fiber, and antioxidants. If you had to choose just one particular desert-island meals, you couldn\'t do significantly better than chia, at least if you have been interested in building muscle, lowering cholesterol, and lowering your risk of heart disease following a handful of months on the chia diet, you could probably swim home.\" - as described in the New York Occasions greatest-promoting book \"Born to Run\" by Christopher McDougall $12.99 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51269wr7hOL._SL160_.jpg

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  1. Like numerous, I came to be considering chia seeds after reviewing “”Birthed to Run” and began to use chia seeds daily (often combined in with my early morning smoothie). I have actually purchased chia seeds from different manufacturers in order to discover the very best item and have actually discovered that HW’s chia seeds are the very best about. The chia seeds are of top quality (no imperfections like dust or other products combined in with the seeds), the packaging is fantastic (great design/logo and, more importantly, is tough and sturdy unlike a few of the various other seeds that I have actually gotten in ziplock bags) and the firm has a quite helpful web site that has wonderful dishes and info about the product. I also acquired the HW chia bars at the very same time (different testimonial) and thought they were superb. I have been an Amazon customer for several years and have actually never reviewed a product however really felt obliged to do so when I read an earlier assessment which accused the business of positioning good assessments. I believed it was an unreasonable (marginal slanderous) complaint to make and makes me doubt the integrity and question the intentions of the writer as it does not show up that she acquired the item (does not appear to be an Amazon.com Verified Acquisition) and even discuss the item in her “assessment”. She is either a conspiracy theory philosopher or has an ulterior intention, in either case I thought her evaluation was pretty “lame” (quoting her testimonial). Base line is that HW has a great product and I am another contented client (have a look at a few of the individual assesses on the HW web site). I am happy to be spoken to if anybody has any concerns concerning my evaluation or the product as I assume that the advantages of chia seeds are actual and HW has the best product on the market.

  2. I am a first-time reviewer, but I had to discuss this Chia success tale: I educated with the Chia seeds for the approx. 4 weeks preceding the Oak Brook One-half Marathon on Effort Day, Sep 5. Prior to training runs, I would certainly soak 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds in water for 30 minutes, then squeeze juice from a fresh lime or orange into the blend for taste. The night just before my race, I blended 2 tbsps of Chia seeds in water, then put the mixture in the refigerator overnight, and drank the cool mix (along with fresh juice pressed from a raw orange) 60 minutes before race time the following morning. I have actually run this race twice in the past: the program has a punishing series of up-and-down hillsides at miles 7 and 8 that in the past have actually left my legs and power levels shot. For 2 years in a row, my splits for miles 9-13 were approx. 30-45 secs slower per mile than my speed in the opening 6 miles. But this year, with the amazing power, nutrients and hydration provided by my pre-race Chia beverage, I was able to preserve the exact same total speed after the hills at 7 and 8 – as a matter of fact, my crack for mile 13 (7:25) was simply 2 seconds slower than my crack for mile 1 (7:23), something I have actually never ever achieved in any sort of race. I completed the race in 1:37:26, 14th from 96 in my age department, 108 out of 1166 total, the second-fastest fifty percent marathon time I have actually ever run, and an enormous 5:30 faster in comparison to the same race in 2010. Thanks Health and wellness Soldier!

  3. Chia is by far the best incredibly meals on the marketplace! This “Running Meals” has improved my strength and endurance more than any other supplement I tried in my 23 year training profession. The fiber it supplies has actually truly helped me suppress my hunger which has obtained me into the best form of my life! The high amount of anti-oxidants (greater than an offering of blueberries) offers the cancer battling health and nutrition that is crucial for a lengthy healthy life. A lot of notably Health Soldier sells the finest Chia seed on the marketplace … ORGANIC, NO TILLAGE FARMING, HARVESTED AT TOP TIME AND FULLY TRACEABLE. I got my order very fast. Excellent item, excellent dealer. Thanks Health and wellness Soldier!

  4. I’m kinda new to running and exercising. (A couple months in) I’m 26 and I have been a 1/2 pack a day smoker for 12 years. I was never ever really athletic. I am typically kind of dragging and drained after a workout. I do not such as the concept of sporting activities beverages and supplements that are greatly processed with unpleasant chemicals and chemicals. So I got the chia seeds given that I believed they would certainly have several of the things my muscles have to repair themselves after a workout. (I likewise eat classical natural yogurt post-workout which has 46 % DV of protein in a cup)I bought the chia things and had been placing it in oat meal, homemade bread and things. The scent and taste of the seeds is actually pretty good. Although the oatmeal/chia combo is tastey and does offer me some electricity in the early mornings, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as compares to the results of consuming chia gel! I had the chia seeds for 4 days and hadn’t yet tried the gel mix. Today I had an actually challenging run and workout. I was QUITE tired and simply straight-up drained. So I made a decision to try the ChiaGel … The electricity replenishment was INSANE !! In 20m I was totally restored and energetic. I still had the ‘after workout buzz’ yet my power degree was above even just before I started my workout. I seem like I could possibly go straight back to the gym for additional … however I won’t. lolWhen I made my Chia Gel, I followed some assistance from a video clip on a well-liked video-sharing internet site I’ll call ‘Us-Tube’ (don’t understand if I’m enabled to put the actual name here) I recommend you all try it similar to this due to the fact that the seeds noticeably respond to the water then to the citrus acid. WOW the results this beverage has are good! 1/2 Tbs Chia6oz waterStir frequently 5 minadd lemon juiceadd agave nectar (or sugar, or honey)DRINKThe Gel has an excellent flavor, although the seedy mix takes some obtaining used to. But after seeing how powerful this is, I would not care if it tried like wolfcrap!

  5. I have been making use of chia for over a year now. I have actually tried a bunch of different chia brand names and I really do not like sticks or dust in my chia! I’m a big suporter of natural and sustainable farming, and I actually like exactly what Health Warrior means. I trust their product and I have not located any type of sticks in my chia considering that I stumbled upon Wellness Warrior. I had the possibility to comply with one half of this firm’s ceos, and I could tell you he practices what this firm addresses 100 %. I was offered on chia long just before I found Health and wellness Soldier, now I’m offered on a brand as well. Their internet site is really interesting and their service is wonderful. Best of all, I’m persuaded there is no much better high quality chia on the planet.

  6. After reviewing Chia seeds in the WSJ, I made a decision to provide them a shot. I attempted a smaller sized than recommended amount due to the fact that I didn’t understand just how they would respond. The item directions advise drinking a lot of water with the seeds. Comply with the directions! The little seeds swell. I found that I should drink a minimum of 2 glasses of water to obtain the baby seeds out of my teeth and gums. They acted like adhesive. However, despite this worry, the seeds had no unattractive preference. They did appear to provide me additional energy which was the explanation why for my investment. Merely bear in mind to drink a bunch of water and use a water pic.

  7. My overall cholesterol went down 22 pts. in about 45 days. Not just did my total cholesterol numbers improve but so did my triglycerides. Its is likewise wonderful with warding off food cravings pangs so dieting is much easier. It does what hazardous diet regimen tablets claim to do however minus the haelth dangers. I’ve recommended it to member of the family and friends alike. If you put it in water to consume it the structure is a bit bizarre so I just gulp it down 30 mins prior to a meal to help with portion size. Moisturize 1 Tbs. in a cup of water over night and utilize that cup of chia enhanced water in my split second oat meal the following morning for an included little texture and with a dash of cinnamon and a few blueberries it’s an incredibly fast healthy means to begin the day! I likewise add it right in the blender or food processor to my whey healthy protein banana healthy smoothie. What I love ideal is that it does not change the taste of my food just as it declares !!! I’m on my Second bag and simply reecived my order of 2 added bags! Given that I just obtained my laboratory results today that’s an included reward to remain making use of Chia seeds.

  8. I’ve been on the chia kick for appx. one year. I’ve purchased from a lot of sources to find those without dirt/grit and Wellness Soldier is the most clean I have actually come across. I have yet to locate ANY dirt/grit in any of the bags I got. Additionally, my partner merely ran a friendly 5K barefooter with Barefoot Ted and did TERRIFIC for not simply for her age group, yet on the whole, after pumping down some HW seed concerning a hr prior to the run.

  9. I enjoy passion these chia seeds! They are so tidy, nothing in the bag but tidy chia seeds. I have actually shoppinged others with stems and sticks in them. Gross! These are just the most effective brand to purchase. I will certainly never wander off once more from Health and wellness Warrior. In some cases you obtain exactly what you spend for, and this is one of those times.

  10. After checking out “Birthed to Run”, realizing the sad state of my health and wellness, and observing an inflow of Chia seeds in my roommate’s pantry, I could not aid however offer Chia a try. I’ve never combined it with smoothies or anything and instead enjoy the ordinary “Chia+Water” formula which wakes me up for job and leaves me with a lot of power for my post-work run (barefoot or otherwise). Certainly I was skeptical having actually simply heard of the seeds in animal context, however the literature I review from Wellness Soldier, raving testamonials, and most notably my very own idea have actually made it a staple of my nutrition and health and fitness regimen. I have been transforming doubters since, boasting it not just as an exercise wonder, however as a hangover remedy to my pals and household after particularly celebratory weekend breaks. I’m thankful I caught onto Chia early, hopefully it will offer me an advantage over various other sportsmens just before they apprehended on too. Offer Chia a try. Trust the science and depend on exactly what the Aztecs understood all along.


    Chia seeds have actually belonged to my diet regimen for a long time and i advise them to everybody. You can purchase raw chia seeds virtually anywhere, however be careful. You wind up with small twigs and younger dirt rounds from those clear plastic bags. Now that I’ve found Wellness Warrior, my search ends. Quality and uniformity are just what sets this brand apart.

  12. Like anything brand-new, I was unconvinced concerning if this item would really taste bearable. I was surprised by just how fantastic the taste really is! The seeds themselves are a little bit larger compared to a poppy seed however share the exact same comparable crunch and refined natural taste. For those that don’t know, Chia Seeds have additional Omega Threes in comparison to fish, are high in fiber AND antioxidants! As a healthy proponent, current conversation around the healthy and balanced perks of Chia Seeds glimpsed my interest and The Dr. Oz Program was the final straw! The next day I took place Amazon.com and purchased them; I extremely propose you do the same!

  13. This was my initial time acquiring Chia seeds. The value from this supplier was fantastic. At first I experienced substantial power gains, then they seemed to discolor. However I likewise have high blood pressure and these certainly appears to assist aid in lesser it in addition to my medication. I add them to my grain, yogurt and oat meal in the early mornings. They truly help create a feeling of fullness that remains me from snacking. I would absolutely recommend them for all the wellness perks they give.

  14. Passion this brand of chia! Good quality, showed up promptly! Health warrior is a terrific brand name and will remain to purchase this product in the future.

  15. Very impressed with Health Soldier Chia Seeds. Seeds are clean, yummy and easy to contribute to other foods. Love it on oatmeal.

  16. I acquired this product since I had listened to good things concerning the health and wellness benefits of Chia seeds. Fantastic cost, terrific item, and quick delivering! Can’t do any much better in comparison to that!

  17. I got these seeds since I am diabetic and I had actually read that Chia seeds help to moderate blood glucose degrees. I have to point out that up until now this is true. I used to have spikes: high in the morning, incredibly low at night. My degrees are a lot better now and I have actually only been using these seeds for concerning 3 weeks. Additionally, my blood pressure and diabetes prescription medications have offered me chronic looseness of the bowels for many years. This issue appears to have clarified! I had not been anticipating that perk. These seeds are unsavory. I placed them in my early morning yogurt and I’m set for the day! I recommend them to anybody which has concerns with higher or low blood glucose degrees.

  18. These seeds are quite extremely versatile. You can put them in water and add a baby juice, include them to healthy smoothies, sprinkle on cereal and granola, mix in with natural yogurt, make desserts, the choices are endless! And you could slip them into practically anything for kids and they don’t also understand they’re getting a healthy and balanced improvement of nutrients.

  19. The chia seeds were precisely as promoted. No organic food shops around me carry these and because I invested over $25, they were free of cost shipping.

  20. I bought this product for my personal usage and my youngsters and my better half ended up adoring it as well. Great in natural yogurt and milkshakes.

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