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GMOs in USDA Organic Food

GMOs in USDA Organic Food

After some thorough investigation into the public proclamations and actual regulatory statutes pertaining to the USDA National Organic Program, I, Brendan Bo…
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  2. I think that they were talking about allowing the land to be eligible to be
    used before they actually completed the transition period between
    non-organic and organic. However, I think that this paragraph is still
    stating that they prohibit the use of non-organic seed and GMO seeds for
    the use of cultivating the organic produce.

  3. you are simple RIGHT MAN, at least you know whats in your food.

  4. Simple, dont buy organic from the supermarket !!!!!

  5. Europe is doing the same thing too buddy…

  6. Even if a law is passed that would make it illegal not to label gmos it
    will not change anything in America. The United States government has made
    it clear that the law does not matter, they have never let a law stop them
    from lying or anything for that matter.

  7. What do we do ?? We all have to eat and trying to figure out ho to not be
    duped is impossible. I know that we vote with our dollars but if the GMO
    products are not being labeled then that is not the vote I’m intending.

  8. Thanks for the info. Don’t know what to eat

  9. agreed. i desire keeping my comments focused on my outcome. I rarely use
    foul language, and yet messing with my food has got me twisted up at times.
    I watch how GMOs and the common sweeteners in our foods affect the psyches
    of my little girls. If they touch this food, they become angry, impolite,
    whiny, and uncooperative, and sometimes strange red spots and rough skin
    patches appear on their bodies.. And this shows me clearly what it’s doing
    to me and my body.

  10. I truly agree with you

  11. best advice ive seen in awhile ! thx

  12. In some ways…you need to shop outside the US.

  13. So important.

  14. may matter in legal terms,but not to the Organic consumer.Crops
    contaminated with genetically modified organism residue are “a little
    pregnant”.Either you are or you’re not.Intent should not be a guidleine in
    certification.This concept of intent also seems to be guarding the GMO
    industry in recent laws enacted to protect them from lawsuits even if found
    to be harmful.If high organic standards can’t be followed,as you state for
    certain circumstances- don’t label organic & don’t charge for it

  15. 3. Around 3:32 you state that the definition of Organic does not include an
    plant or organism that has not been subjected to genetic modification. Yes,
    it does…. that come by way of following the regulations that are
    mentioned in the definition. Check out NOP 205.105(e). This states that
    excluded methods (GMOs) can never be used. As a certifier, we take this
    very seriously.

  16. So what do we do? I’m just trying to find out info to keep my family from
    GMO’s and everyday Chemicals. I feel it’s a losing battle.

  17. In this case, the producer can not label their product with the organic
    seal and those crops can not be used in processed foods that use the
    organic seal. This is to reduce the burden on small farmers selling their
    products at farmers markets.

  18. Nate: just because there are no GMOs in your farmed produce does not mean
    that it is the same case for other farms. Especially questionable are the
    food giant corporations with little organic companies who moreso than not
    have great support for Monsanto and friends. If you read the documentation
    in the video for yourself, you will see that, indeed, GMOs can be in
    certified organic foods, and there are no federal tolerance levels for them
    – therefore, no punishment, when guidelines are met.

  19. 5. At 4:45 you bring up the seed standards in 204.205. First, it says that
    organic seed and planting stock MUST be used, except in the following cases
    (when you say that producers only use organic seeds for sprouts, this is
    false). Producers must complete a search in good faith for organic seed
    first and we do look at their search records. If the can not find organic
    then they may use non-organic untreated seed. The seed doesn’t have to be
    certified, but it still can not be from a GMO source.

  20. GMOs cannot be used with intent.Big difference in allowing that & crops
    contaminated with residue to still aquire Organic certification.The motives
    are clear-This is a blatant loophole to protect Biotech industry from
    backlash over the contamination of other products their product
    causes.Eliminating the possiblity of lawsuit for loss of income which could
    be brought with loss of certification by a contaminated Organic
    grower.Bottom line:The technical difference between GMO use & GMO residue

  21. 4. If you point out, as you did at 4:25, that an excluded method is not an
    excluded life form or organism then I will say any organism that has been
    developed by an excluded method is out automatically. Excluded methods
    can’t be used and neither can their products. Again GMOs are made by an
    excluded method and CAN NOT be used in organic production. Lets keep this
    in mind going forward.

  22. 6. For the temporary variances that you mention at 6:15, the Administrator
    of the NOP must decide when these variances are used and it is very rare. A
    business interruption such as staffing would not be granted a variance.
    Texas, recently had a very serious drought. Most livestock ranchers were
    having difficulty getting any hay for their animals and it still took leg
    work to get a variance granted for the organic livestock to use non-organic
    hay. These variances are also posted online.

  23. When Big Business got wind that Organics was a multibillion dollar market
    they set out immediately to insert themselves with the greatest profit
    margins which meant diminishing the strict standards originally set by
    California,replacing them with the Corporate influenced USDA standards.From
    that time onward the bar for Organics was lowered & those consumers who
    built the original market knew it.Small & local is the only answer now-But
    that was the origin of Organic philosophy to begin with.

  24. Dear United States Government, You are asking for a war to be waged against
    you. We will fight soon if these tactics continue. We are being poisoned by
    the air, water, soil, animals, and plants that have been all manipulated
    genetically. Europe does not want you, but Europe is not safe from you. No
    one is safe from you. It is already too late, dipshits. This was the fall
    of Atlantis and other great civilizations. We will now join rank due to
    your war against Mother Nature and war against food.

  25. 2. Around 1:53 you eventually come to the conclusion that the products and
    methods mentioned can be used into certification. This is FALSE. These
    items can only be used during the transition period (the three years where
    no prohibited substances may be applied to the ground) but once the farm is
    certified these practices that don’t otherwise make the soil ineligible

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