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GMO What You Should Know And the Smear Against Organic Food

GMO What You Should Know And the Smear Against Organic Food

Anthony Gucciardi assists us understand exactly what’s going on with our food and the incorrect smear versus natural food. Suddenly all over the news they are claiming wi …
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  1. Morningmayan you sexy as hellο»Ώ

  2. Hi Linda, nice to see you on the ALex JOnes show, you look well and
    beautiful as always. I just wanted to take some time to thank you for being
    the person that initially helped me gain a higher self consciousness, and
    become aware of frequencies, I have been working more lately on connecting
    and staying connected to this love which is all around us. Thank you for
    being everything you are πŸ™‚

  3. I guess you have to subscribe to get a higher resolution… how

  4. I’ve never understood why all those Indian farmers would kill themselves
    instead of choosing the option to band together against the perpetrators.
    Suicide only hurts themselves, their families, their communities. All those
    people with nothing left to lose could’ve become a powerful force. A real
    evildoer probably laughs his ass off when a buddhist’s form of protest is
    to set himself on fire.

  5. very good video with a very good message.

  6. Linda, What are your thoughts on USDA Organic foods? I try to buy only USDA
    Certified Organic foods because I had read it’s the only way to know for
    sure, but after this video I’m wondering if maybe I’ve been mislead. Thanks
    for the video!

  7. hey mm youtube is replaceing peoples channel names with their personal
    names,they switched my channel @utahawakening with my name,not my real one
    but the name i signed up with,switched my channel photo for my facebook

  8. look for the Heirloom Expo ——————Today is the Last day in Santa
    Rosa, CA

  9. excellent report. but not all the information. paradox and absurdity seem
    to reign. nice to see you cowgirl

  10. Lisa TheMayanManifestor

    Morningmayan are you watching the TPP meeting? There is a petition at AVAAZ
    if interested in trying to stop this global corporate take over.

  11. so gmo will feed the world,only the world will only have 500 million people

  12. won’t let me post

  13. it’s one thing to hit on the govt, mosanto, etc. it’s another thing to
    defend your farmers and gardeners, guys if you don’t actively defend your
    local farmers, get the police to change targets they will take you as
    target. Defend your farmers now!

  14. The next step is to Gmomorningmayan Unfortunately, so will….

  15. Great post Linda. Sharing on F.B. Great interview. :))~

  16. thank you Linda and Anthony, very good information! you both did a great
    job! πŸ™‚

  17. yes,yes i ve read that too-really impressive.they say are no more
    NUTRITIUOUS(as in more nutrients)they r ONLY pesticide free-However thats
    untrue ,from numerous studies+its only normal the fruit that grows longer
    will have time 2absorb more.It s well known that Good wine comes from vines
    that have FEW grapes,while the vines that grow much grapes,partially due to
    the fact the plant is frequently wateredthus grapes have more water+less

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  19. congrats linda

  20. Valid basic info. Get the word out. People at least need to get educated.
    Maybe then they can go back to growing their OWN!

  21. Grow your own vegetables if you can, and stop eating processed foods.
    Anything you can do will help you…

  22. Linda you are awesome! Makin’ me laugh!

  23. ChristopherJManess

    Thank YOU for doing what you do, Linda.

  24. GMO food is not good for us — as anybody that has done their homework
    knows. And I think it tastes like crap. This is being forced on us!

  25. Resident Evil and the umbrella corporation . How do you stop the Evil. How
    do you fight Without violence?

  26. I recently managed to stop drinking soda, a battle which has lasted for a
    LONG time in which I have finally come out victorious. Now I am looking
    into organic foods, I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really like the
    commoner fruit and vegetables that they sell around here. They taste bland,
    especially the apples. God I hate the apples. That’s why I’m looking
    towards organic, they DO taste better. And they’re healthier so that’s a
    plus as well.

  27. Your Local Food and Drink

    Love this film Kerry. Well done. Im subscribing and sharing πŸ™‚

  28. I know! It’s insane isn’t it? x

  29. I agree. Its a fight for our food and well being, In the future it will be
    a fight for blue oil i.e water, it`s a sick corporate society we live in.
    Love our videos. Keep up the great work beautiful. Peace to you and yours.x

  30. Amazon sells dates for a good price!

  31. Great Video Kerry!!!! thank you!! xx

  32. Supposedly malabar , jungle vine, needs constant high temperature +
    vertical support. With a good summer I’ve seen it will grow well on the
    ground here. If your balcony faces south(ish) you should be getting at
    least some sort of salad greens from there. Start a compost box now and get
    a bag of seeding compost to start the sprouting. A small polythene
    “greenhouse” can open into the room if balcony is tight. Small salad can
    grow in trays and your vine and tomatoes grow through wire shelves.

  33. CelebrationsStudios

    You’re awesome!!! Fantastic video.

  34. i love u dont eva change, an how can any human with a soul sell what should
    be free for all, at them prices. i cudnt look someone in the eye an sell
    them dates for 20 fukin quid!

  35. Did you actually try to cycle from one of the markets to Wood Green with
    bike trailer? Because I would not be able to cycle for more then 20-30 mins
    with all the fruit I get! North London is up hill as well… No wonder you
    prefer getting there by car!

  36. Great video! It annoys me as i have the knowledge and know exactly what i
    need to do to be healthy but the cost of Organic produce for me in cornwall
    is way to much. Will it ever change? I bloody hope so! Im looking into
    growing my own!

  37. Good one Kerry. I hope you can come over to Ireland to some of our Raw Food

  38. WOW ! I’m glad I don’t live in London. Prices are so much cheaper up here
    in Manchester.

  39. Excellent video (as usual!). I’m really interested in what I’ve been
    reading about organic foods as far as pesticides go, and the fact that the
    food industry has clever wording as to what may or may not be categorised
    as organic. I have read that organic foods are not as pure as we are led to
    believe and that sometimes they are not much different from mainstream
    produce. What are your thoughts – I would love to see a video on that as
    you are a superb speaker. Thanks :o) x

  40. Thanks for watching! x

  41. i thought cancer was triggered by a high protein paleo diet- China study.
    Lets hold hands and skip to the equator. Peace

  42. Great video!

  43. Government policy is to cut pension and sickness payments. Those who
    subscribe to vaccines, hormone-fed meat, pesticide laden fruits and veg can
    always be diagnosed with an “infection” or a terminal disease. The
    Liverpool Care Pathway makes balancing the book a little easier. Found that
    Ceylon (Sri Lanka) salad spinach yet? I believe it may be called malabar.
    Get all the magnesium that’s otherwise devoid in our diets. You got a
    balcony, grow it there?

  44. Haha! Yes, I agree, seems to me that’s the main cause. But I think the
    fruit and veg help fight damage in the body so if produce is all rubbish,
    we’re really screwed! x

  45. Hi Kerry, Can’t agree with you 100% at 5:10 about cycling. I hate taking
    public transport (there’s the cost apart from anything); if I take my car I
    WILL get stuck in traffic plus worrying about where to park AND if I’ve got
    change to feed the meter &c. &c. If I could get one of them trailers that
    Harley Johnstone’s uses that’d be cool… trouble is I ‘d carry around even
    more trash on my bike than I do now. Anyway great vid. Really informative.
    Chin chin, P. πŸ™‚

  46. Great video Kerry! I wonder the same things … I would help you with the
    Co Op if I lived in London :))

  47. Really? I’m going to look for that – I do have a balcony – sure I could
    manage something! x

  48. Paying for food twice… not fair.

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