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FOX NEWS Talks Organic Food And GMOs

FOX NEWS Talks Organic Food And GMOs

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California Police raid organic meals retailer looking for raw milk!!
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  1. Absurd and sad. Police raid an organic foods store looking for raw milk.
    They even draw their guns. 

  2. Check the language, then get back to us. For a synopsis, check on Snopes.

  3. @duras Would you mind telling us your opinions on the sale of alcohol,
    tobacco, raw eggs, spinach, et al?

  4. @ozark1951 You are totally brainwashed 🙂 You do not understand anything
    from food, you must have a lousy health…

  5. It seems a bit ridiculous to have your weapons drawn for such a tiny thing.
    To be fair though, we have no idea why they had their weapons drawn. Nor do
    we know for sure they were raiding because of raw milk. However, I agree
    that raw milk shouldn’t be sold because it’s dangerous.

  6. I hear you…..my only point is I want to be free to make my own decisions.
    Just as you are free to drink pasteurized milk, I would like to be free to
    drink raw milk. Just as I believe wearing a seatbelt should be a matter of
    personal choice. There is no reason for anyone to be upset by this as long
    as I bear the full responsibilities for providing for my healthcare in a
    manner in which i choose also. I would prefer a naturopathic doctor over a
    general m.d. or traditional doctor.

  7. @ozark1951 yes raw milk is not safe, tell it to the generations that have
    been drinking raw milk for 10,000 yrs until this arrogant European knuckled
    dragging cave dwelling (while blacks were building pyramids) cracker forced
    himself upon America and poisoned every aspect of this planet

  8. @duras Yeah, dangerous towards their ever expanding gut. You know what’s
    dangerous? Chunky cops.

  9. Hands off those utters NOW! This is quite serious with Bill S 510 on the
    floor now the food safety modernization act will make sure YOU cannot grow
    your own food without government permission,fuck Monsanto and the whole
    operation. They are terrorists, and will use food as a weapon to depopulate
    the planet and our nation!

  10. @ridey44 I’ve read many books. For example, I read about diseases like Tb,
    diphtheria, polio, scarlet fever, salmonella, E. coli, etc. Unless your cow
    is in a vacuum chamber, there’s a chance any number of diseases could be in
    your milk. Pasteurization eliminates that chance. Even if your claims of
    decreased nutritional value or cow hormone are true, it’s much better than
    the dozens of terrible diseases you can get from raw milk.

  11. @duras ur a tool, pasturized milk injected with hormones is good for you?
    haha when u pasturize something it loses its nutritional value fool. read a
    book!! fuckin zombie you are!!!

  12. Clarification– The TB you can get from raw milk is cattle TB. This is
    essentially absent from American herds and particularly absent from herds
    supplying raw milk. Not wearing your set belt is orders of magnitude more
    hazardous. The “precautionary principle” can justify anything. Also
    remember that paying bloated pensions to people like these is bankrupting

  13. @ozark1951 If you haven’t watched the two movies, “Food, Inc.” and “King
    Corn”, I’d suggest you do so. It will open your eyes to what is wrong with
    our industrialized food supply.

  14. Point is that we should have the freedom to choose what we put in our
    bodies. I would question the safety of pasteurized milk which is devoid of
    essential enzymes and loaded with hormones, antibiotics, and gmo corn. If
    you really start digging into the research you might find things that would
    truly surprise you.

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